Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Designed to impact your mind and heart, a Marian University education will inspire you to take on your goals and meet your full potential. You can be confident that you’ll get an outstanding education that will not only prepare you for a career, but also for the challenges of a changing world.

With our emphasis on combining academics with on-the-job training and service learning, you’ll be ready to put your knowledge and skills to work in inspiring ways, fulfilling your dreams and creating a life that you’ll love, while better serving your world as an informed, compassionate and caring citizen. Through your Marian education, you will inspire others by your actions and help make both the Marian community and the world a better place.

Programs in Development

Marian University strives to not just keep up with market demands, but be ahead in developing and offering new degree programs that align with growth in a variety of industries. Slated to launch in fall of 2023, learn more about Marian’s program in Construction Management today.

What Will be Your Academic Journey at Marian University?