Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Guided by our mission and core values, Marian University is committed to expanding your education beyond the confines of the classroom and is designed to impact your heart and mind in ways distinct and meaningful to you. Our faculty, staff, and students—whether traditional or non-traditional, undergraduate, graduate or professional—come to Marian University to join a community of lifelong learners who are focused on supporting excellence in education and service to the community.

Mission Statement

Marian University is a Catholic applied liberal arts community that welcomes diverse spiritual traditions. Sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, Marian University engages students in the education of the whole person. We embrace justice and compassion and transform lives for professional service and leadership in the global community.

Core Values

Our five core values inspire everything we do at Marian University—in the classroom, in activities in service to others, and in our relationships with each other.

Vision Statement

Marian University: Transforming lives and improving our world through compassionate, innovative, and exemplary education.

Vision in Action Statement:

Marian University, a Catholic liberal arts university grounded in the charism of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, is a vibrant and values-centered teaching and learning community.

Providing a higher education experience for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, Marian University nurtures the capacity to thrive in all areas of life: spirituality, education, career, and service to others.

Marian University supports students as they engage in a rigorous education that fosters research and scholarship for the sake of learning and career development.

Marian University preserves mission-driven financial security while enhancing a reputation for providing affordable education, even for persons of modest means.

This work takes place in classrooms, online, and in ways and places yet unknown.