Education Degrees

Marian University Education Programs

Providing students classroom experience in their first year

As Wisconsin continues facing a teacher shortage, school districts around the state continue to turn to graduates of the Marian University Education programs to help fill the void. But why are they turning to us, and why have our Education programs become synonymous with teaching excellence?

From Day 1 we entrust you with practical classroom teaching experience at one of our several discipline-specific partner sites, helping you learn not only classroom management practices, but mastering them the day you are exposed to them. You will gain increasing levels of opportunity and responsibility throughout your time in the Marian University Education programs, because in order to meet the challenges of today’s schools, you need to be learning where you want to work.

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Online or on-campus!

On-Campus Undergraduate Education Degrees

Traditional Undergraduate Education Programs

Each of Marian University’s traditional undergraduate Education programs will give you the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to lead classrooms and cultivate positive and meaningful interactions with your future students. You’ll become an effective and influential teacher by developing the critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills your peers will admire. By experiencing at least one planning-teaching-assessment cycle, you’ll become and expert at approaching each student’s education individually.

Online Education Degrees

Online Education Degrees

For licensed teachers and non-teachers alike, the online Master of Arts in Education degree programs at Marian University will help you connect your passion to a career of shaping the education of children who need teachers like you. Designed to match quality instruction with convenience and personal support, we’ve transformed the way adult learners like you acquire new concepts and skills. Our comprehensive distance learning support and robust, interactive learning experience will is custom made for working professionals who are ready to take their education and career to the next level or on a different path.

Graduate-Level Education Certificates and Licenses

Education Program Certificates and Licenses

Experience Authentic Teacher-Student Interactions

The Marian University Education programs help those looking to make a lasting positive impact on children by allowing them to master teaching strategies, classroom management practices, and the development of effective and engaging lessons. When you earn an Education degree from Marian University, you not only earn your licensure in Wisconsin, you make the connection between coursework and field experience needed to be ready for your first day as a teacher.

  • Introductory field experiences that expose you to our Whole Child Education philosophy
  • The chance to apply appropriate instructional strategies and assessments that honor students’ diverse learning needs
  • Design instruction using a variety of strategies that encourage the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and performance skills for all students
  • Program-specific professional development and networking opportunities
  • The chance to experience private and public classroom settings in various grade levels
  • One-on-one attention from experienced faculty and differentiated learning experiences
  • An extensive network of reputable school districts and experienced teachers for assistance with job placement following graduation
  • An introduction to the edTPA assessment framework
  • Design and implement alternative education methods and strategies
  • Creating a capstone project
  • How to clinically assess individual needs in order to develop and implement specific strategies based on the learner’s strengths, talents, and learning styles.
  • Gain skills with digital tools to enhance learning
  • Training in resilience, stress, and mental health issues
  • Actively communicate with faculty and peers each step of the way creating your own professional network