Career Services

Career Services

Inspired to be life-long learners. Marian University’s Career Services assists and guides current students and alumni with all aspects of career development, including: career exploration, professional document development, career assessments, mock interviews, employer networking events, job and internship search assistance, graduate school assistance, as well as, a variety of developmental workshops.  Be sure to connect with Career Services for more information. For more information on career services, contact:

Freshman Externship Program

Marian University offers freshmen students the opportunity to participate in a one-week Freshman Externship program over winter break, allowing students to gain firsthand experience at a sponsor organization by observing and engaging in a career field that interests them before they pursue further education.

During the Freshmen Externship, students may:

  • Tour the sponsor organization
  • Assist with specific projects for a hands-on experience
  • Attend organizational / departmental meetings
  • Meet with the human resources department to discuss needed job skills, hiring procedures orientation processes, etc.
  • Shadow a staff member or team to get a sense of the organization’s culture and values
  • Meet one-on-one with staff members to learn about the field

Connect with Career Services for more information.

Hands-on learning through Internships

At Marian University, more than 95 percent of students gain valuable, applied experience in their chosen field of study. Internships are one way for students to gain experience before graduating. However, depending on your major, the hands-on experience that you will receive can take several forms:

  • Internships are offered for students in most majors. These experiences give students an opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world professional setting. Internship opportunities are posted on Handshake.
  • Clinicals: Pre-established placements for students in Nursing, Education, and Social Work programs that may begin as early as sophomore year. Students have the opportunity to work in a variety of different settings to gain hands-on knowledge.
  • Research: This provides an opportunity to work on a collaborative project with a professor at Marian or another institution, or with a professional in a laboratory environment. Contact your faculty advisor for more information.

Attention Employers

To learn more about our externships, please click here.

To post a job or internship, please click here and be sure to search for Marian University-Wisconsin

Register your company and then post, update and remove jobs and internships as needed.

There is no fee to post a position. Job and internship postings will immediately be sent to the 20 WIPCCC member colleges. Each college posts and distributes the position announcement with their own office system and procedure.

Career Services is located in Administration Building – A101.
For more information email or call 920-923-7161.