Criminal Justice Degrees

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When it comes to ranking the top Criminal Justice degree programs in Wisconsin, Marian University is consistently at the top. Due in large part to our well-respected faculty who bring years of career experience to the classroom, our Criminal Justice degree programs include actual field experience as part of the curriculum. We are constantly creating new special topic classes to help you enter your desired career field. Are you ready to inspire safety and security in your community as a leader in one of the fastest growing fields in the United States?

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Traditional Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs

Traditional Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs

Each of Marian University’s traditional undergraduate Criminal Justice programs will equip you with the analytical knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to provide safety and security to those around you. The curriculum includes lectures, and ample hands-on, field-based learning so that you become comfortable with your eventual workplace setting and are ready to take on the challenges of your desired role.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

The Marian University Criminal Justice programs have been educating professionals and future leaders for decades, allowing them to meet the safety needs of their community while raising the quality of life for all. Taught by well-respected experts with years of career experience, our 100% online Criminal Justice programs are designed for working adults, and the flexible coursework was created to fit your busy life. You’ll develop a greater understanding of real-world issues, policies, and procedures that will directly impact your desired career path, and you’ll gain an understanding of the nature of crime, institutions, and processes that assist in preventing or responding to it.

Undergraduate Criminal Justice Minors

Criminal Justice Program Minors

  • Crime Scene Investigation 
  • Criminal Justice
  • Forensic Science

Field-based Education Places You at the Crime Scene

The Marian University Criminal Justice program courses offer you the base of learning and practical preparation you’ll need to serve in law enforcement. You’ll benefit from the years of experience that our faculty bring to the classroom, as well as:

  • Extensive hands-on learning related to investigative processing, crime scene reconstruction, criminal laboratory science, DNA analysis, evidence handling, police science, expert witness testimony and technical photography
  • Internship and research opportunities
  • Hands on laboratory classes in our crime scene facility
  • Field based learning that includes analyzing a crime scene, as well as documenting, collecting, and preserving the evidence
  • Curriculum covering competencies set forth by DHS and FEMA
  • A capstone project designed to give you the chance to apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations